When is the election?


The AUSD Board of Education election will be during the California Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020. Please see here to find your polling place.

Vote by mail ballots will be mailed on February 3rd. February 18th is the last day to register to vote for the election.

How many seats are up for election?


There are three seats that are up during the 2020 election. Five candidates are running and you can pick up to three candidates total on the ballot. You are not required to choose three, so voting for just one (me, hopefully) is allowed.

Are you accepting donations?


No, we are not taking monetary donations. My hope is that ideas will be the true currency in this race.

However, I would definitely welcome your donation of time or lawn space! Please sign up on our supporter page if you want to help or to request a yard sign.

If you win, how many terms will you serve?


I'm a big believer in term limits to encourage civic participation and new ideas. Although there are no statutory term limits, I promise I will not seek nor serve more than two terms.

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