• All children deserve a quality education and should be given the best chance as possible to succeed no matter what their personal or family circumstances may be.

  • Too many children don't have the resources at home to fully utilize the education we want them to have.

  • Let's do more to help through early tutoring for students, mentoring parents on how they can best support their children at home, and developing a more inclusive classroom for children with disabilities, access, or functional needs.



  • In order to maintain a high level of transparency and accountability, we must ensure that the Board of Education's decisions are public knowledge.

  • Board meetings should be live-streamed, include translation for other languages like Mandarin, and be recorded for people who cannot make it to the meetings.

  • A State of the District annual meeting should be held to showcase the successes of the schools, teachers, and students of the District at large.



  • Recent drops in academic achievement at AHS are concerning and we need to find out what is driving these lower test scores and provide support as soon as possible.

  • The world is rapidly changing and workforce needs demand more than simple schoolwork to achieve success.

  • Intellectual curiosity, cultural competence, empathy, and adaptability will all be necessary skills in the global marketplace and should be promoted in our school community.



  • It is an unfortunate fact that we live in an increasingly uncertain world with threats facing our children that we did not have to worry about when we were their age.

  • The District is doing a good job focusing on mental wellness programs, additional full-time counseling staff, and conducting lock-down drills.

  • However, more can and should be done to prepare for the unthinkable, including providing Stop the Bleed training to staff and medical response kits on campus.


  • As noted above, safety is of utmost importance which is why all of our campuses are fenced and have controlled access.

  • However, active play is very important for child development and these fences have dramatically reduced the ability of children to utilize the playgrounds during the weekends and school breaks.

  • I will advocate for measures to provide additional accessibility to playgrounds for children (and adults too) while still keeping safety top of mind.


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