January 14, 2020 Board Meeting

January 14, 2020 Board Meeting

Highlights from the Meeting

  • Arcadia High School's ASB presented on recent events including an after-school event on January 9th called “Throwback Thursday - Return of the Crispito.” Many of you may remember the beloved Crispito, served piping hot, but so good that burning your tongue was worth the pain. But the Crispito is no longer served at the high school save for this special event. The students really seemed to enjoy the event so hopefully they will make it a regular tradition.
  • Longley Way Principal Travis Long discussed the lengthy and difficult process he and his staff went through to achieve Distinguished School and Blue Ribbon status. This is a very significant and impressive achievement and cake was actually served at the board meeting to celebrate. Such an achievement really deserves much more recognition and it would be nice for more people to be able to see it and celebrate it (see http://www.electraymond.com/transparency).

  • The Visual and Performing Arts SWAG (Small Working Arcadia Group) presented the AUSD Strategic Arts Plan. This is a five-year Strategic Plan which builds upon and strengthens the visual and performing arts program and curriculum at the district. Part of the plan is to create an Arcadia Arts Council to guide and advocate for the arts within the district and the community. Superintendent Vannasdall said something interesting about this group saying, "the ones best suited to solve problems are the ones closest to it,” which really encapsulates a big reason why I'm running in this election as a vested parent with children in the district.

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